State-owned enterprise "Higher college of geodesy and cartography" of Educational department of East Kazakhstan region

“Who is more accurate and faster?!”

On 29.03.2021, the “Higher College of Geodesy and Cartography” held a competition in an offline format called ” Who is more accurate and faster?!”.

The competition was held by teachers of special disciplines Turgazy Zh. Zh. and Aldabergenova I. A. This competition was intended for 1st year students with Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction.

According to the terms of the competition, the participants had to measure the horizontal angle with the T-30 and 2T-30 theodolites, as well as work out the log when measuring the horizontal angle. The competition is aimed at testing the knowledge and skills of working with the device.

During the competition, the participants confidently used the tools, showed competition, and actively participated in the process.

The results of the competition will be announced on 05.04.2021 live on the college’s Instagram page!




 03 April 2021