State-owned enterprise "Higher college of geodesy and cartography" of Educational department of East Kazakhstan region


Qualification 0713013 – “technician-surveyor” –

is the most common, widely used in various sectors of the economy. During construction, surveyors by various methods and devices with high accuracy ensure the installation of load-bearing columns, crane tracks and other related elements of buildings and equipment. At the final stage of construction technology surveyors are monitoring the status of buildings and structures. No construction can not do without the participation of the surveyor.

Technician-surveyor prepared:

  • To professional activity on implementation of a complex of engineering and geodetic works at researches, design, construction and operation of engineering constructions;
  • when you create a geodetic support of the inventory built-up areas;
  • metrological support of geodetic works as a technique in organizations (enterprises) of engineering and geodetic profile of various organizational and legal forms and research organizations;
  • to perform geodetic and topographic works in the state mapping of the country;
  • in exploration works;
  • for topographic and geodetic support for the troops.

The middle-level professional qualifications 0713013 – “technicians – surveyors” can perform the following professional activities:

  • industrial-technological;
  • organizational and managerial;
  • experimental.
  • Construction of geodetic justification for various engineering and geodetic works;
  • implementation of geodetic preparation of the construction project and its removal into nature;
  • geodetic observations during the operation of facilities;
  • monitoring the implementation of field and office engineering and geodetic works in accordance with the requirements of existing regulations;
  • monitoring the effective use of instruments and equipment;
  • periodic verification of the technical condition of the devices and making decisions about their fitness to work.
    Organizational and managerial:
  • оrganization of work of the team of performers;
  • planning and organization of production works;
  • ensuring safety at production sites.
  • the development of new technologies perform engineering surveying works using modern equipment, devices and technical means.
 11 May 2018