State-owned enterprise "Higher college of geodesy and cartography" of Educational department of East Kazakhstan region

Rules for admission of applicants and work of the selection committee

The rules for admission of applicants for 2019 were developed and approved on 07/06/2020. The document for review is placed in the section “Normative acts and regulations of the college” by reference –

The work of the Admission Board

 Reception of documents is carried out on the basis of 11 classes:

  • full – time education – from June 20th to August 25th,
  • the correspondence form of training – from June 20th to September 25th

Rules of admission:

Full-time education:

  • language of instruction-Kazakh and Russian,
    • course of training – 2 years 10 months.

Distance education:

  • language of instruction-Russian,
  • training period – 2 years 10 months.

 TRAINING is CONDUCTED on a budgetary and commercial basis

Admission of applicants, who have graduated from school this year, is based on the results of the Unified National Testing. All others pass entrance examinations in the form of complex testing on subjects:

  • mathematics (major)
  • history of Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh (Russian) language

All enrolled students for the second year will be awarded a scholarship, and in the future, those who pass the semester exams for “4” and “5” will also receive a scholarship. There is a group with training on a commercial basis. Duration of training: 2 years and 10 months. The College has passed the state certification and has permanent licenses in all specialties.

List of documents to be submitted upon receipt:

1. Document on education (original).
2. form 086-I (PST received No. 6 clinic).
3. Certificate of vaccination.
4. Photo 3×4 – 6 PCs.
5. Fluorography.
6. Certificate of registration (for boys) copy.
7. Plastic folder.
8. Address information.

 20 June 2020